Beauty party anyone?

Flawless Beauty Bars now offers beauty parties for two or more people.  It is such a fun way to have fun with friends, celebrate a birthday, or create memories for mother and daughters.

Having a hard time thinking of something creative to do for your daughters birthday?  Somewhere in-between Sweet 16 and a bouncy house unicorn party are tween girls, and it is often impossible to figure out what they want.  We have come up with a fun party idea for the girls and the moms if they want to join (separate of course).

Relax in our beauty bar with your friends while our stylists give the girls a complete make over.   Hair style along with a customized makeup application while you enjoy some sips and snacks and a few beauty treatments yourself.

After the girls receive their services, they are sent on a short ‘selfie scavenger hunt’ around the neighborhood to win gift cards and other prizes.  Each scavenger hunt is specifically designed for your group (age appropriate) and is designed to last less than 20 minutes.  In addition you can add a professional photographer to take behind the scenes pictures as well as after photos to showcase the day.

While the girls are out and about taking a million snaps and Instagram photos, you and your friends can enjoy some bubbly and get a beauty service of your own.

The entire experience is designed to last 2 hours for ages 12-16 and can be booked on any day we have availability.  Our goal is to show young women how beauty can be enjoyed in an age appropriate way and feel confident and comfortable with themselves.  Our team of professional artists enjoy what they do, and cant wait to share their passion in a warm and welcoming environment.

Cost $150/person attending

  • add a Photographer at $99/hour
  • add food or desert table $75 (3-5 people)
  • max group size 7
  • private event minimum $800 (entire beauty bar rental fee for 3 hours)




Do you love your professional headshot?

Most of us hate getting photos taken and rarely like the end result, but they are necessary in todays Linked In world.  Even if you are not a real estate agent or insurance agent with traditional business card head shots, you will likely need your photo for professional reasons and why not have one you love.

Flawless Beauty Bars wants to help you look like you, only flawless.  Our team of stylists are available on Tuesdays for complete blowout, light hairstyling, and makeup application designed specifically for photography.

Our professional photographer will work with you helping you feel totally comfortable and assisting you with how to pose naturally in front of the camera.  We have a white backdrop available or an outside shoot is an option (weather permitting).

Personally we have found that getting photos taken is a little more fun with friends, and with someone you know.  We have the capacity to take more than one client at a time, and we are available if you want a consultation ahead of time to meet our team.

Photography Session $150

  • 45 minutes
  • white backdrop or outside neighborhood
  • 5 lightly touched digital images delivered in a week
  • Passport options available as well


Having trouble with your eye lash extensions?

There really are an endless combinations of reasons your eye lash extensions may fall off prematurely or sometimes last an unusually long amount of time.  I know it is frustrating as the consumer to not get a direct formula on how to keep them fluffy and lasting a long time, however I will give you some common issues that cause early shedding.

1.) Probably the top reason for your eye lash extensions falling off early or quickly after a fill is that you natural lash base was not clean to begin with.

It is recommended that you clean your lashes and the base of your lash line every night.  This is not just if you wear makeup, you must clean your lashes every night to remove oils and build up from the day.  As oil builds up along the lash line it weakens the glue bond and will eventually cause the lash extension to fall off the natural lash or even worse cause an irritation to the hair follicle and create what is called Blepharitis (must be diagnosed and cleared by a dermatologist).

2.) Products that contain oils.  There are many products we use on our face or as makeup that may unknowingly contain oils that will weaken the glue bond.  Although you may only use these products on your face only, they can often work their way up to the eye area as you sleep or during the course of the day.

3.) Natural shedding.  You loose 3-5 eye lashes each day naturally and some may contain a lash extension.  This is your natural shedding process and it will take approximately 30 days for that new baby lash to be grown enough for a lash extension to applied.   Be patient, we want your natural lashes to grow healthy and strong so you can continue to get lash extensions

4.) Lash extension length and weight that is too much for your natural lash to handle and is causing breakage.  This is one of the more dangerous and sadly common mistakes amongst lash clients and lash stylists.  We all seem to get comfortable with our lash extensions and therefore tend to start to ask for longer and thicker extensions.

5.) Warm water is the worst enemy of the glue.  Activities like steam rooms, crying, sweating (hot yoga), hot tubs, ocean water, and facials can all lead to the premature weakening of the glue bond from the extension and the natural lash.

The truth is that as lash stylists we will try to help you figure out what might be causing your lash extensions to have poor retention, however what worked one week might not the next and what worked for our other clients might not for you.  We are working with lifestyle, environmental influences, and the body, which means there are is not an exact remedy for everyone.  Be patient and accept that it is a commitment if you want to maintain a specific enhanced beauty look, just like anything else.

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