FAQ Tanning

What is airbrush tanning?

Airbrush tanning is a form of spray tanning that is applied by a trained technician using a special airbrush gun. It is a sunless tan so it is safe for your skin and leaves you with a healthy glow.

Will I be orange?

Airbrush tanning has advanced significantly in the last few years and now has many variations in tone and DHA %.  As the owner I would never advise a client to get a shade or color that is too dark for their skin tone, and that is usually the reason a tan appears ‘orange’.  We use Norvell Airbrush Tanning solution, a leader in the industry of sunless tanning solutions.  The best way to ensure you have a natural looking tan is to listen to the suggestions and instructions given by your technician.

How long will it last?

Most airbrush tans last 5-7 days, however activities and weather can have a drastic impact on the results.  Hot water (hot tubs), salt water, sand, hot yoga, temperatures over 90 degrees can cause the tan to fade prematurely.

What do I do, I’v never done this before?

A few things to think about when booking your tan.

1.) Make sure to get all waxing done ahead of time (the wax or sugar will take off the tan completely up to a week after the application).

2.) Manicures & pedicures should be done ahead of time as well, however can be done the next day if needed (there are just a few extra instructions given by the technician).

3.) Rain, we are currently located in Washington so you should prepare for rain.  If it has rained or looks like it might rain you should be wearing clothes that completely cover your skin (an umbrella or hood is suggested).  This is important even if the rain has stopped, because the rain drops from trees and awnings often land on you as you walk to your car after your appointment.

4.) Clothes to put on after the tan.  You are recommended to wear loose fitting, dark colored clothes after your tan.  Leggings are okay, however too tight and thick seems can leave a line down the inside of your leg.  Jeans are a bad idea, as are spaghetti strap tank tops.  (this is more about pulling the jeans and spaghetti straps on over the skin they tend to leave lines and streaks).


FAQ Make-up

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush make-up is similar to regular make-up, however is made specifically to be applied with an airbrush gun. We are proud to use the distinctive professional Temptu Make-up line. Airbrush Make-up was originally designed for High Definition Television, and is now used for a variety of special occasions and photography.  It often lasts longer and photographs flawlessly, because there are no brush strokes and it can cover imperfections without a tool touching the skin.

Owners Note: Airbrush is actually just another ‘brush’ it is a tool used for the application of foundation or other makeup, and it is not always ideal for every occasion or skin.  The best way to end up with ‘flawless skin’ is to listen to the advice given by your makeup artist at the time of your makeup appointment.

FAQ Eye Lash Extensions

Will they ruin my natural lashes?

If done properly by a trained lash stylist, your natural lashes should endure years of lash extensions.  Lash extensions do put stress on your natural lashes, so you will likely see some stunted growth or sporadic breakage, however this should be mild and temporary.  Lashes as the same with hair can only be permanently damaged if the hair follicle is compromised repeatedly.  A responsible lash stylist should be checking your natural lashes and their growth as you come in for fills.

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